Dear Visitor, I have to shut this site down, because I`m too busy with other web-projects & have no time to keep up & update this one. However if someone wants to continue the work I`ve begun & became webmaster of this site - please, e-mail me





Welcome to the UnOfficial John Simm WebSite! If you're interested in information on one of today's most talented young British actors, you've come to the right place! England Sky Magazine not so long time ago called John Simm "the biggest Brit filmstar you've never heard of". I`m glad to inform you: ESM was mistaken, if even here, in Russia, we know who he is. After watching "Boston Kickout" (where John provided brilliant performance) I managed to find some place on the Web, dedicated completely to this actor. But there wasn`t. And I decided to creat my own. Here you will find basic facts about JS, games, some multimedia, and, of course, pictures. The intent is to be both entertaining and informative. But we need badly much more information - so, if you know something interesting about JS - please, help me improve this site by e-mailing