27.05.2006 I know I've been bad bad WebMistress. For last 3 years I just didn't pay this site attention it really deserves.

Thanks 'Life on Mars' now there is great number of fabulous resources for you fellow John fans to check out:

John Simm Admirers LiveJournal Community
Life on Mars LiveJournal Community
The Railway Arms - A Life On Mars Forum Community
Life on Mars: The Annotated Martian

I can't really say now if this site is going to be ever updated, but there is one thing I can tell for sure - John Simm is the best thing that happened to British cinema in last century. Keep on being cool, John! :)

27.02.2006 In early 2006, you prorbably caught Life On Mars on BBC, a new drama from the makers of Spooks and Hustle. John plays detective Sam Tyler who's transported from the present day back to the 1970s.

John Simm also stars as Bruce, Brian Cox stars as Robert and Shaun Parkes as Christopher in screen sdsptation of Joe Penhall's award-winning stage play, Blue/Orange. Movie examines the issues of race, mental illness and the power struggles at the heart of the National Health Service. Set in a psychiatric hospital, a consultant and his young registrar argue over the troubled mind of a young, black patient. More info at BBC site.

I've updated Filmography with new works, added and reorginized 'Articles', added some new links and of course pictures in Photogallery.

13.12.2004 Site finallly restored after we got kicked from virtualave.net. Photogalleries updated with new pix from 24 hour party people (I messed up aspect ratio in this one, but hey, it was my first screencapping experience) and Wonderland. Apparentely, they are the only John's movies available in Russia on DVD. On lighter note, checking Imdb page for John always cheers me up: he has about 3-5 new projects every 6 month. Way to go, John! :)

And now details:

BBC TV thriller State of Play, which starred John Simm and Bill Nighy, was made into a Hollywood film Sex Traffic. The film rights were sold to Universal Pictures by writer Paul Abbott, who will also be the executive producer on the film.

John Simm stars as a researcher and investigator for a London-based charity, while Wendy Crewson plays the boss of the charity foundation of a US defence contractor, who begins to suspect her employers’ motives may not be what they seem.

A powerful new two-part drama set in Romania, London and Canada revealing how a massive $7 billion global business trafficking young women into enforced prostitution is operating in cities throughout Europe and America.

BBC THREE continues to build on its reputation for innovative comedy by commissioning Funland, a new long-running comedy-drama series for 2005. The brainchild of Jeremy Dyson, multi-award winning writer of the League of Gentleman, and Simon Ashdown, Bafta Award-winning EastEnders writer, Funland is a darkly twisted comic thriller set in and around Blackpool. John Simm and Mark Gatiss are among a number of leading comedy actors in talks to star.

Shooting on Funland begins next March and the series is expected to be on air in 2005. BBC's Editor of Comedy, Kenton Allen, says: "If I had to describe it, I'd say Funland was the bastard son of The League of Gentleman and EastEnders after a really heavy night on the town with Twin Peaks".

Funland is designed as a long running series and will launch with a single 60-minute episode, followed by a further ten 30-minute episodes.

29.02.2004 TV series "Nero", filmed in Tunisia, in which John plays Caligula (!) , are currently at postproduction stage.

Lately John Simm hosted new BBC documentary: he travelled to South Africa and Senegal to investigate 'Football Magic' phenomenon for BBC Three. Check out BBC site for more information.

25.09.2003 BBC TV series Canterbury Tales was aired with John in segment The Knight's Tale. It's a story of two young prisoners, friends from childhood. When they fall in love with the same woman, this friendship is torn apart and they become bitter enemies. More info at official BBC site.

From State of the Play interview among other things you'll find out that John is due to begin work shortly in Dublin on The Six Revenges Of Gregory Lynn, a film which he describes as "a cross between Natural Born Killers and Billy Liar". He plays a librarian who kills off his old teachers one by one and will star alongside Brenda Blethyn, Michael Gambon and Joely Richardson.

Photogallery updated. It may be somewhat slow at loading, I think I'll create separate galleries for every movie in the near future. Some files in the multimedia section may not work for some time too. I plan reconstructing it as well.

And last, but not least: to my surprise I've found first John Simm fanlisting on the net! Join, kids, support it!

31.05.2003 John's latest project is Ten Minute Movie, short film made by Imogen Murphy. It is produced in association with Working Title Films and Universal Pictures and is currently in post-production. And also you can check Official State of Play site.

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