Modern Sanct-Peterburg maps quite frequently ignore Moskatelniy lane, laying between Griboyedov channel & Bankovsky lane. However it was exactly the place where BBC made up mind to shoot the miost mass & complecated from the director point of view scene from the "Crime & Punishment" series. The lane was leased for couple of days, transform,ed into "marketplace' of the mid of previous century & begeted associations not so much with Dostoyevsy, as with home for Englishmen Dickens.

15 horses, 2 cows, flock of gooses, pigs & dosen of the dogs neighed, mood, barked? grunted in all the possible ways, drawing attention of the local inhabitants. Dozen of the idlers for hours kept vigil near the barrier & didn't give the security opportunity to relax. Even the journalists couln't get in Moskatelniy lane without special permission.

In addition to Moskatelniy lane the filming was located in Petropavlovskaya fortress, in Tuchkovsky lane etc. But specific mentioned in the novel yards, stairs, apartments stayed off screen. Peterburg was shown throgh the refelections in the pools, channels, Neva in yellow, blue, distorted tones & hues - damp even in "whie" nights (the watering machine were used before every shot

The wizard of TV projects Julian Jarrold - weird director. unapproachable for press, he entrusted all the PR to producer David Snodin. "Englishmen think it's hard to film in Russia, - the producer says. - I think it's all the same everywhere. Here it's easier to stop the transport traffic, then in London, people meet halfway.". It was Snodin who thought out this project. Hhe was the first to suggest the idea to s\apapt his favourite novel, recruited the writer Tony Marchent to the work at the screeenpay. Snodin even wants to persuade Pånguin to publish new "Crime & Punishmant' edition with John Simm on the cover.

John Simm as Raskolnikov is intended to reconcile the adherents of the academic|classic| screen adaptations & those who prefer modernised classic. " The image of the Raskolnikov for me is very close to one of Hamlet, - Says Simm. - Is' a big challenge for me to portray this character. I studied the Stanislavsy mothod, we studied Dosevsky & now the old dreamn became truth.

Sanct-Peterburg's scenes were filme firstly. The main episodes will be filmed in London, but the spirit of the great Naeva-city corrected the conseption alot. "The atmosphere here is darker then we supposed, it's closer to one on book, - Simm says. - It left it's seal at the movie, maybe made it closer to the novel then we wanted in the beginning. I hope that the "Human Taffic' fans, whi are usually not interested in such adaptaions, will watch "Crime & Punishment"

Simm is pleased that the filming began in Peter. roducer Snodin & Simm visited Dostoevsky Museum, Rasklnokov's & loadlady's apartments, John spent lots' of time in the room where Dostoevky died - grow accustomed wit the role. "The fact that the tip of the Dostoevsy's pen was a litte bit gnawed away, especially touched John.", - Snodin says. And Simm ecstaticly tells about the graffiti on the walls - he sees in them the symbol of the interesti of modern tenns in the old novel.

Why sould another oe version of the "Crime & Punishment" filmed - the question is quite rithoorical. But producer thinks that it's the the golden mean - old story, which iwe tryed to make more moodenr & comprehensible for the youth. The case t the main charackter - Rodion. He's young, dispassionate, lonely and lost. He's the personification of the X generation. Maybe that's the reason why John Siomm, mostly known in Russia for reckless comedy "Human traffic" , was chosen for the leading role. But in Russa John Simm behaves properly. On leaving, he even revealed himself as the attentive boyfriend & buyed him girlfriend, whe was expecting baby, matreshka in The Beatles form.

Lent lady wasn;t killed in Piter. At last in movie. interior shots will be done in London. As it happens in cinema, the order of the filmed scr\ne was inversed - the scne of Rascolnokov's stampede as shot before Rodiam killed the grannies. As the result the punishment fillowed the crime: John Simm so fast rushe d along the Petersburgian briges, that fell down and broke rib. Till the end of the filming poor guy was on the analgetics. - "The don't help much me, but my role. I seem like suffing all the way".