07.06.2001: Picture - A link to a picture from John's new film 'Miranda' is here.

17.05.2001: Link - Just putting in a link to the lovely people at Alternative Hollywood. They have some John info and features on lots of great British actors such as Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, Kathy Burke etc. Make sure you check it out!

16.05.2001: Link to movie- Click here to go to the official '24 Hour Party People' site.

16.05.2001: Crime and Punishment is John's next project. The filming of Fyodr Dostoevksy's classic novel, Crime and Punishment, scripted by Tony Marchant for BBC2, will get under way in a few weeks.

John has been cast in the lead role for the piece, which will be filmed in St Petersburg. It will be directed by Julian Jarrold, the director of Mr Marchant's most recent TV project, Channel 4's Never Never. In Never Never, as you may know, John starred as a loan shark living on a London council estate.

David Snodin, the BBC staff producer who produced Marchant's Bafta-winning serial Holding On, had to fight hard to win the commission.

There is said to have been disagreement about who should play the leading character of Raskolnikov, a student who kills his landlady.

Members of the production team have joked that if they had cast Jamie Oliver, the project would have been given the green light immediately.

Mr Marchant, who won the Bafta Dennis Potter Award last year, is also writing a Channel 4 project about the pharmaceutical industry called Swallow.

"It is ripe for an expose," said a production source on the project, which has been commissioned by drama boss Tessa Ross.

"However, it is at a very early stage," the source added.

16.05.2001: Click here to see the Ninja Nites shop which John's character works in, in new movie 'Miranda'.

03.05.2001: John has just finished filming the eagerly awaited film '24 Hour Party People' where he plays the 'New Order' frontman with Simon Pegg and Steve Coogan. You'll probably recognise them from their own TV shows. Simon has been in the excellent channel 4 comedy Spaced and Steve from various comedy shows.

26.04.2001: Forum News I've got a new forum put in! I hope it works okay, it took a while to set up, so go and use it now!

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25.04.2001:More New News!!- I have a Yahoo club set up for John and my favourite film of his - Human Traffic. To join or have a look click Take me to the club! Please join!

Latest John News: John's latest film-'Miranda' is a Film Four production which also stars Christina Ricci and John Hurt. It is currently being shot in Scarborough (where I live!). A local shop was transformed into the video shop John's character will work in in the film called 'Ninja Nites'.

9.12.2000 John had played a role of "charming wide-boy who plays on his close relationship with his customers to draw them further into crippling debt" in new Tony Marchant`s drama, Never Never, & his next work will be role opposite Matthew Modine in a film to be shot in Canada. 'I think I've done everything that I've ever wanted to do. Maybe I'll just have to ask for more money', says John. There is an interview with John at Unmissable TV & a little NN review.

A new John`s picture was added.


ps: I wanna thank all people who sent me such nice emails about this page :-)

O`k, I`am here again.

We have a Wonderland trailer in section "multimedia" & a new pic from "The Lakes". In fact, it seems to me nothing really interesting happens nowadays : -(((

07.06.2002 First and foremost I would like to sincerely apologize for the lack of updates in the past 12 months. But now having Sam's full approval I decided to breathe some new life into this project. And before I'll tell you about the renovations, I would like to thank Sam for managing this place all this time, it was real good deed.

Now about site. I've written something like short John's biography & added some random facts, if you'll find some errors or omissions, please contact me; the filmography was updated; some fotos added and all the galleries were combined into one, since there are not so many pix (I also earnestly recommend you visit gallery at Alternative Hollywood - it's fabulous); dead links from articles section were deleted, new articles added; the same thing about multimedia - whole bunch of trailers in all the possible formats, if you want to download something of stream media, again contact me, I'll help you. Also links to various John sources were added & About section, explaining how this page appeared, who was working on it etc.

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29.11.2002 Next John's project, State of Play began filming in the end of September in London and Manchester. The main cast members are David Morrissey, John Simm, Polly Walker and Kelly Macdonald.

The drama focuses on a secret love affair, an investigative journalist and a high-flying member of parliament, and explores the issue of freedom of information and the government's relationship with big business.

Stephen Collins (Morrissey) is a high-flying ambitious member of parliament and Chairman of the Government's Energy Select Committee. Cal McAffrey (Simm) is a well-respected investigative journalist and Stephen's ex-campaign manager. When Stephen's young research assistant Sonia falls to her death on the London Underground, it's not long before revelations of their affair hit the headlines. Meanwhile a suspected teenage drug dealer named Kelvin Stagg is found shot dead. The discovery that Kelvin and Sonia shared a two-minute phone call on the morning of their deaths draws Cal into an investigation that's always one step ahead of the police. But friendships are tested and lives are put on the line as an intricate web of lies unfolds.

State of Play is directed by David Yates, whose credits include the Bafta-winning The Way We Live Now, and has been scripted by Paul Abbott, the writer of Clocking Off, Cracker, Linda Green, Touching Evil and Reckless.

Paul says: "I fell in love with the idea of watching a tiny piece of journalistic gossip trigger an investigation that gradually unearths a scandal."

18.11.2002 I've added Wonderland screenshots and two random Wonderland videoclips: Alice & Bridge Monologue. Note: they dubbed into Russian, but you can actually hear original soundtrack. You can download them by right click. You'll need Windows Player to watch them & maybe some codecs, but usually player loads them itself from net. If you experience some problems with videos, e-mail me misery@mailru.com

2.09.2002 On Thursday 5th Sept watch 'Hot Pursuit' at BBC One: documentary looking at how the high-speed war between road criminals and police pursuit drivers continues to cause casualties and controversy. The story is narrated by John Simm. I'm not sure if it's that John, but anyway :)

20.06.2002 Article Raskolnokov of Generation X from Komsomolskaya Pravda added.

Did you know that actually there is a film about filming Boston Kickout? You can order it at Amazon.co.uk