John Simm unOfficial was launched in the beginning of summer 2000, soon after I watched Boston Kickout & decided it would be too inexcusable not to tell the world about this ingenious movie & genious actor in the leading role. That's how it all began. But soon after creating site I went away & didn't have opportunity to update it, on return my attention was drawn elsewhere and I spent the majority of 2001 time on other projects - completely and utterly unrelated to John Simm. So the site was left to rot in cyberspace.

Lucky John Simm unOfficial, soon appeared nice person from Scarborough named Sam, and run it for about year, adding lots of interactive content & news, and keeping this "alive & kicking" spirit. But I guess this place has some tendency to state of coma, so it was exactly what happend year later.

The story got unexpected turn on 30th May 2002, when Cracker's "The best boys" was aired in Russia and by some miracle I watched it. I checked this place once again, found out that John appeaared in the movie about band 'Joy Division' & classic 'Crime & Punishment' (shame on me not knowing it was filmed in Russia!), decided to come back (fortunately Sam approved this idea) and reconstructed site a little bit. Hope, I'll have an opportunity to keep it on further.

June 2002


thank you for your support and inspiration


John Simm for the fact of his existence,

Sam for being such a cool person,

nice people at Alternative Hollywood for linking us

and all the visitors for supporting this place!